TLF Vlogs: Brighton Pride 2018

Well I never thought I would make these kinds of videos, but here we are, the third “TFL Creative Media Vlog” It seems, but during the course of 2018, I have not been short of unique events to attend to and this was another one that just had to be captured on film for this vlog. Though I also respectfully request that those who are watching this one, stick it out right to the end, because there is a recent piece of news that I reflect on and I suggest that you guys do the same too when you get to that point in this video. This may become a regular thing on this channel, maybe it will not, but for now, I hope you will enjoy watching the variety of colour, light and memorable sights (whilst we are dancing along with the parade) with Aimee Pepper and myself, as we all witness the beauty of which is “Brighton & Hove Pride” 2018.

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