TFL Vlogs: July 2018 – Vintage Vehicles, Doctor Who & Friends of All Kinds!

Well I never thought I would make these kinds of videos, but here we are, the second “TFL Creative Media Vlog” The prologue/flash-forward, into the future at the beginning of this video does explain the motivation and the reasoning behind this particular vlog in more specific detail, but the short of it is that there were quite a few interesting things that I witnessed and captured on film during the course of the last month, which was enough to put together into a vlog, I then decided upon this revelation to fully commit to it all. This may become a regular thing on this channel, maybe it will not, but for now, I hope you will enjoy watching the variety of antics, banter and heartwarming moments (whilst geeking out over Doctor Who) with my mates and myself that we got up to during the course of the last mouth of July 2018.

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