About TFL Creative Media & Toby Loxton

Hello everybody and welcome to the official TFL Creative Media website!

Here you can find the entire portfolio related to and come from the talented filmmakers associated with the brand and it’s founder, Toby Loxton. Which includes a wide range of original short films, promotional material, vlogs, photography and much more content besides. So please do give this website a look, share our content or even get in contact, as it will really help the brand to gain notoriety in the media industry and we here at TFL Creative Media would all really appreciate your support and the chance to be of service to you.

Statement From Toby Loxton:

I have been an independent, freelance filmmaker for over 5 years now, with a wide range of specialities in many different departments, making me a "Media Swiss Army Knife" in that regard. In that time, I have gained both L2 and L3 qualifications in Performing Arts and Creative Media – Film & TV Production at both Haywards Heath and Lewes collage, a degree in Digital Film Production and Screenwriting at the University of Chichester and I have contributed to many professional, educational and personal productions for both the media industry and "TFL Creative Media" respectively.
In the media industry, I've gained practical onset experience with Red Planet on the BBC mini-series “Dickensian”, the Netflix mini-series "Behind Her Eyes", the Room 18 short film "Company of Four", the Charlotte French music video "Relight My Spark" and the BBC/Screen South original audio drama "Unpretended", which I wrote, directed and presented as part of the BBC's 2020 New Creatives Program.
For TFL Creative Media, I have produced many short films, documentaries and promotional content. But I am probably best known for the live-action animation, historical dark comedy "Locomotives of British Railways: Brighton".

I am also a filmmaker who is proud to be on the Autistic Spectrum and because of this much of my portfolio is influenced by my own personal experience and view point. With my 2018 documentary “Different With A Label”, my 2019 short film “Interpretation“ and my upcoming short film “The Railway Woman” are all about Autism awareness, Autism education and Autism representation. This can also be reflected by my work with “Carousel”, an arts charity organisation that specialises in promoting media made by people with learning disabilities and hosts the largest learning disability film festival in the world, “Oska Bright”. I frequently create content with Carousel as part of their media team, I have also presented a portion of the Oska Bright Film Festival back in 2019 and both my short films “Interpretation” and “The Railway Woman” have been officially selected as part of the lineups for the 2019 and 2022 festivals.

All of which has given me transferable skills, allowing me to approach tasks from a different angle from most people and gives me confidence in my own abilities and to those around me.

Toby Loxton Directing on The Set of The Audio Drama "Unpretended" in 2020

Toby Loxton as Wardrobe on The Set of The Short Film "Nothing To Lose" in 2020

Toby Loxton Presenting at The Oska Bright Film Festival in 2019

Toby Loxton Vloging at The Chichester New Park Cinema in 2019