TFL Vlogs: September 2018 – Birthdays & University


Well I never thought I would make these kinds of videos, but here we are, the fourth “TFL Creative Media Vlog” Despite that statement, I do feel the need to apologise for the delay of this particular vlog, as because of my sudden sporadic schedule at the start of university life and complications with editing, are the reasons why this vlog is only now just being released on this date. As when I say “complications with editing” I mean that the editing took a long time for this particular vlog, because there was too much content and I had to take time to go through and cut it down accordingly, so for those of you who think that this particular vlog is too long… well, it could have been over an hour long originally! However despite these formalities, I still committed for you, because considering the amount of vlogs I have done up until this point, I think it is fair to say that these videos have now become a regular source of content on this channel. So on that note, I hope you will enjoy watching the variety of antics, banter and heartwarming moments (and a couple of geeks celebrating their birthdays, investigating uni life and binge watching Torchwood) with my mates and myself that we got up to during the course of the last month of September 2018.

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