Interpretation | A Short Film

Official Selection for; The Oska Bright Film Festival 2019…

Interpretation – A TFL Creative Media “Original” Short Film (2019)

“Interpretation” is a metaphorical, psychological and experimental short film. Which aims to give a metaphorical representation or “interpretation” of what the mind of an autistic individual goes through, by delving in and seeing the thought process of one particular Archer as they aim to literally get the gold.

This short film was made as the swan song for my final project, for my second (and final) year at Lewes, Sussex Downs College in April and May of 2018.

Just like 2017’s “A Clear Signal” this new short film from TFL Creative Media was shown at the Komedia Cinema in Brighton, in June 2018. However over a year later, “Interpretation” was selected by Carousel to be a part of the “Discover Oska Bright” screening at the “Oska Bright Film Festival” on Thursday the 24th of October 2019, at the Old Market in Hove.

Please do enjoy! 🙂

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