Primeval Young Blood | A Primeval Fan Film

This is a project I have been working on and off for quite sometime, not every bit about this is perfect, for whatever reason or another I have done the best I can, however the bits I can make perfect I am proud of I would just like all of you to bear that in mind when watching this video, I hope everybody likes this as much as I like the TV show that inspired me to make this fan film, thank you to all the guys and girls who helped me to make this happen.

Also a shout out must go to Benedict Webb who implant the visual effects for the anomaly provided by PrimevalNewEra, and I also edited the entire fan film myself, enjoy 😉


The following video is the entertainment and satisfaction purposes only, as a nonprofitable fan film, this is not an infringement on copyright.

All music belongs the ITV & Dominik Scherrer. Please Enjoy.

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