TFL Vlogs: April & May 2019 – Film Premieres & MCM Comic Con… AGAIN!

I’m honestly staggered that I am still making these kinds of videos a year on, but here we are again, now at the Seventh “TFL Creative Media Vlog” and The 1st Year Anniversary of “The TFL Vlogs”… ????2 Months Later! ???? I think it is fair to say that these videos are definitely now an “official” regular source of content to TFL Creative Media, so I really do apologise for the delay on this particular one and I will do my best to make sure a release date for one of these vlogs is not delayed again in future. But the most important thing is that it’s here now. So I hope you will enjoy watching the variety of antics, banter and heartwarming moments with my mates and myself that we got up to during the course of April and May (The Anniversary Month) of 2019. ????

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