TFL Vlogs: Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023


I think it is fair to say that these videos are definitely an “official” regular source of content to TFL Creative Media, but this one is unlike any vlog that has come before! As this special addition of TFL Vlogs, will take us to London for the greatest Star Wars fan gathering of them all, “Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023”.

So I hope you will enjoy watching the variety of exploring, larks, memorable and heartwarming moments with my friends and Clan, that we got up to during the course of this unique convention and see what it has to offer!

0:00 – Intro.

1:33 – Bethnal Green With Isaac.

3:01 – Star Wars Celebration Day 1.

5:32 – Star Wars Celebration Day 2.

8:32 – Star Wars Celebration Day 3.

12:49 – Star Wars Celebration Day 4.

19:06 – Bethnal Green With Bianca.

20:40 – Outro.

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