TFL Vlogs: London MCM Coimc Con 2018 feat. Yasmin Wilson a.k.a InTheDefenceOfFiction

Well I never thought I would make one of these but here we are, the first “TFL Creative Media Vlog”, with me and a couple of my friends both old and new, as we attend London MCM Comic Con at The London ExCel Centre in… well London! Like I said I never thought I would do one of these, but I guess I just had to wait until the right time, the right event and the right people came around to give me the courage and the excuse to try one of these kinds of videos out. This may become a regular thing on this channel, maybe it will not, but for now, I hope you will enjoy watching all the nerdy antics and banter (and “Dirk Gently” related humor 😉 that my mates and myself got up to during the course of our day up in London on Sunday the 27th of May 2018.

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