TFL Vlogs: Christmas & New Years – 2018 + Reflection

Well I never thought I would make these kinds of videos, but here we are, the Fifth “TFL Creative Media Vlog” I think the title of this particular Vlog is self-explanatory ????lol! It’s the fifth and final TFL Vlog of 2018. A series of videos that I still can’t believe I actually committed to ever since May of 2018, so I think it is really fair to say that these videos are definitely now an “official” regular source of content to TFL Creative Media, which will continue to be made come the new year. But for now, I hope you enjoy watching the variety of antics, banter and heartwarming moments, as I “reflect” on some interesting events that happened in the last few months of 2018 and “reflect” on 2018 itself!

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