TFL Vlogs: Welsh Mountain, Heritage Railway, Light Engine, Narrow Gauge, Tour! – Part 5

I think it is fair to say that these videos are definitely now an “official” regular source of content to TFL Creative Media, but this one is unlike any vlog that has come before. As this special multi-parter, will take us right across Wales, touring the very crown jewels, that Welsh narrow gauge heritage has to offer! So I hope you will enjoy watching the variety of exploring, larks, memorable and heartwarming moments with my father and myself that we got up to during the course of our travels to and from these Welsh railways in July of 2019.

Part 5 will take us through the sixth & seventh day of the trip, to “The Vale of Rheidol”. Where we seek out the legend of the Devil’s Bridge and we finally find the surprise waiting at the end of the trip, with many ties to The Great Western Railway!????

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