“Different” with a Label – An Autistic documentary.

As the first project for my final year of my “Level 3 Creative Media – Film and Television Production” course at college, we were tasked to make a Documentary about any subject of our choosing and this is my documentary about my condition “Autism”.

This documentary attempts to give an insight into how an autistic individual’s mind functions/operates by trying to explain what I go through on a daily basis with this condition.
Amongst other aspects, it covers how autistic people are handled in education, how autistic people are treated with employment, presenting people who have autism who you may not know actually have it.

Many people put a lot of heart & soul, time and shouting into this project and worked very hard to help me achieve it and I hope that this documentary represents the efforts of everyone involved in helping me make this documentary.

The Music is also done by Kevin Macleod & Jingle Punks reactively.

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